The bird is a symbol of archetypal nature, given their presence in all traditions and cultures, such as the dove, phoenix, eagle and hawk. It is the archetype of: Flying, but the need to find food or rest makes the bird also come down to earth and walk gently. It’s a symbol used to express in a privileged way the relationship between the horizontal and vertical plane, heaven and earth, spirit and matter.

Taking on this metaphor, at BirdWalk Studio we focus our work on imagining and designing products with unexpected features pushing functionality to its limits.
Our collection has a gentle and subtle minimalism combined with a sharp experimentation on function.
All products are released in limited editions and individually crafted with great care at BirdWalks’ facilities or with local partners.

The choice of the materials is also a strong commitment. We look forward to find them on a local level, with factories in the neighborhood that share with us the same view: living in harmony with the natural environment.
The result is a line of distinctive products, born in Lisbon and raised with strong Portuguese values, to meet you always with the sunny side up.

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Be a partner

We believe that our products have what it takes to go beyond any border, and should be reachable as easiest as possible to people throughout the world. This goal can only be achieved by establishing solid partnerships with sellers that can give an honest interest to our creative values. Please contact us by providing some basic information about your shop and we will immediately get in touch for further agreements.

Lets work together

Have a new challenge for us? We’re also interested in working together with brands or design studios to create products  with a unique and innovative approach. We thrive on collaborating with partners who are looking to push the limits and taking projects to a high quality level. 

We want to hear from you

One of our main concerns in the creative process is the analysis of a product life cycle.
That’s why your feedback is so important, we love the suggestions, the overviews, the detailed stories on how the product became a part of your life.