We seek solid partnerships with people that can show an honest interest in our vision and creative values.

What makes Birdwalk different?

We design versatile transformable bags that work around each lifestyle, attending the ongoing needs of carrying everyday objects across various contexts and occasions throughout the day.

Where are the bags crafted?

Locally made in Portugal. From sketch and sourcing raw materials to the final product, every step of our chain is local-based in order to minimize our carbon prints and achieve more sustainable products. Manufacturing takes place at our studio and also at small scale local factories.

Why should we be partners?

If you are looking for a smart cosmopolitan brand, that represents a new generation of lifestyle products created for dynamic people, who choose sustainable fashion, who want to express a creative mindset and support independent brands; BirdWalk is your ideal partner.

How to become a retailer?

We believe that our products have what it takes to go beyond any border, and should be reachable as easiest as possible to people throughout the world. This goal can only be achieved by establishing solid partnerships with sellers that can give an honest interest to our creative values. Please contact us by providing some basic information about your shop and we will immediately get in touch for further agreements.​

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